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November 2021

Macomb Food Program Announces New Grant Program for Local Pantries

The Macomb Food Program Board of Directors has approved funding for a new grant program for local food pantries in Macomb County. The Board established a Grant Committee to develop a simple grant application process and to review proposals. Up to $50,000 has been allocated for grants to Macomb County pantries.

“Over 70 local pantries throughout Macomb County have done incredible work to serve community needs during the pandemic”, Board Chair Robert Combs said. “After distributing over 5 million pounds of food and serving over 350,000 individuals in the 16 months after the pandemic started, we know local pantries need a boost.

Board Secretary Cheryl Siecinski will lead the Grant Committee and said, “We hope these Macomb Food Program grants, made possible from generous community donations, can help address some of our local pantries’ unmet needs.”

For more information on the Macomb Food Program pantry grants, you can email: macombfoodboard@gmail.com