Dear Friend,

A 2020 report by Feeding America/USDA revealed that nearly 1in 5 Macomb County children faced food insecurity.  This year, Macomb County pantries served 127,148 households an increase of 28%!

Every dollar raised by the Macomb Food Program during this Holiday Appeal
will go directly to the Community Food Bank of Macomb County, for the purchase
of food to distribute to our county’s network of local food pantries. Together,
2,728,638 pounds of food were distributed in 2023, but calls for additional
assistance weren’t always able to be met.

It’s obvious that with rising food costs and the end of COVID-19 federal funding,
our Macomb County neighbors face even greater challenges.
We need your help to feed our hungry neighbors.

The Macomb Food Program is a 501c3 non-profit organization created over 40 years ago to feed the hungry in Macomb County by supporting the Macomb County Food Bank/Warehouse which provides food to over 50 pantries throughout Macomb County.

As the holidays approach, we know many charities are seeking your attention and support. We hope you will consider the plight of our hungry neighbors in Macomb County and help us assist the local food pantries that are struggling to help those in need. 

Your donations will stay in Macomb County. On behalf of your Macomb County neighbors in need, we thank you for your generosity.


Robert Combs, Chair

Macomb Food Program



Providing Food to Hungry People in Macomb County

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With past generous donations, the Macomb Food Program has:
  • Donated $150,000 (equal to 38,759 meals) to
    purchase food for Macomb County pantries
  • Purchased, packaged thousands of Ready-to-Eat
    Food Packs to those unable to prepare a meal
  • Provided Ready-to-Eat Food Packs to schools for
    children to take home during breaks
With your help, we can continue to serve our hungry neighbors.
The Macomb Food Program is a 501c3 non-profit that only supports hunger programs serving Macomb County residents. Use the button below to make your donation today:

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